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Workshop "Holomorphic and Symbolic Dynamics"

par Delphine Dallariva - publié le , mis à jour le

Workshop "Holomorphic and Symbolic Dynamics"

A workshop will take place in the Mathematical Institute, Toulouse, on 20-24 January 2014 (arrival Sunday 19th). Its focus is on holomorphic and symbolic dynamics, and their relation to group theory.

Its purpose is to encourage contact and collaboration between these related fields ; in particular, growing out of holomorphic dynamics,

Viewing holomorphic dynamical systems (iteration of a 1-dimensional rational map, Hénon maps, …) as topological objects ;
Encoding their attractors via symbolic dynamics, as quotients or subsets of shift spaces ;
Describing the parameter spaces of such dynamical systems topologically and combinatorially ;
Using monodromy representations to tie these concepts together and with group theory.

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