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Séminaire de Statistique

par Agnès Lagnoux - publié le , mis à jour le

Organisateurs : Agnès Lagnoux, Jean-Marc Azais et François Bachoc

Jour et lieu habituels : le mardi à 11h00 en salle 106 (bâtiment 1R1).

  • Mardi 15 mai 11:00-12:00 - Pedro Alvarez - Universidad de Valladolid

    Trajectory clustering based on directional functional data : a case study

    Résumé : This talk is based on the work we are carrying out in the framework of a
    research contract with Boeing Research and Technology Europe. The main goal of
    this research contract is to build a prototype of bigdata platform designed to
    improve flight efficiency based on the trajectory flown. In this context, and for
    different reasons, it is interesting to detect the main modes of movement
    between two points (origin and destination airports), i.e, to look for
    homogeneous groups of trajectories and choose within each of these groups a
    trajectory that is a good representative of the way of moving that describes
    the trajectories of that group.
    First, I will briefly describe the project and then, I will describe and
    compare several alternative methods to perform trajectory clustering when one
    of the magnitudes used to characterize trajectories is the aerodynamic
    bearing, which is naturally a functional and directional data.

    Lieu : Salle 106, Bat 1R1