Information processing

Our team, at a glance

(~ 24 researchers)

Data is at the heart of our investigations. Storing, indexing, exploring, searching, extracting, transforming, vizualising, synthesizing are the key components to reveal the important information among mass. In a world where information is the new oil, our research aims at providing new tools that can help ICT and other companies to make value from data: document representation and indexing, data analysis, information search & recommendation, data warehouse.


  • A method for auditing economic development policies at a regional level Document representation enhancement via social information integration
  • Tuning search engine to fit contextual search
  • Modeling and OLAPing social media : the case of Twitter
  • A posteriori analysis for visual perception through video imagery
  • Computing and Ambiant Intelligence : from sensors to applications
  • Word Sense Discrimination in Information Retrieval: A Spectral Clustering-based Approach
  • Opinion mining: Reviewed from word to document level