Efficient distributed operating systems

Our team, at a glance

(~ 11 researchers)

Our work is centered on the efficient conception and usage of distributed operating systems, more precisely for clusters, grids and current clouds. Resource management, abstraction, objectives of operating system are studied from hardware to large-scale middleware. We bring a particular attention at applications in Cloud computing and Energy reduction.


  • Autonomic management framework for architecture self-deployment and reconfiguration (eg. clusters & clouds) With ability to detect security anomalies, Fault-tolerance (crashes) and auto-repair activation
  • CLOVIS openmiddleware : build your own storage strategy Tools & platforms for large scale environment policy management (energy consumption, storage strategy)
  • Energy saving through ressource management (proc. Frequency, CPU, memory, disk tuning, task placement, scheduling, virtual machine consolidation/migration) with applications on HPC & Cloud
  • CoolEmAll: colding datacenter through tools to assess the power consumption of applications (ectop), compute metrics on datacenter energy efficiency, distribute the load
  • Datazero : DATAcenter with Zero Emission and RObust management using renewable energy Datacenter & renewable energy