MayaPS: Typing Maya with TeX/LaTeX
(Last update: March 6, 2017)

Authors: Stepan Orevkov (TeX, PS, C) and Bruno Delprat (Glyphs, Maya typesetting principles)

This is a package for TeX/LaTeX and Dvips for ancient Maya paleography. More detail can be found in the following text (40 pages):

MayaPS: Typing Maya with TeX/LaTeX. Reference Manual. Version 1.1b   ps.gz (409 K)  pdf (469 K)

MayaPS font maps:  codex-map.pdf (455K)  gates-map.pdf (439K)  thompson-map.pdf (794K)  olmeca-map.pdf (109K)

Our paper on MayaPS pubished in TUGboat pdf (455K) 


Version 1.1b (Mar 6, 2017; beta). mayaps-1-1b.tar.gz (4669 K)   README ].
The only new feature in v 1-1b is the infixation. Try, e.g., the command \maya{121   908   121<908>}

Version 1.0 (Nov 29, 2012)    mayaps-1-0.tar.gz (4676 K)   README ].