I am a post-doctoral researcher at CEA Tech Occitanie, and associated researcher at Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse. I also give oral examinations ("colles") in "classes préparatoires" at Lycée Saint Sernin.

I am currently working on developping new methods for statistical learning of nonlinear data, giving theoretical garanties, and assessing numerical performances on real data for these methods.

Research interests

  • Geometry for statistics
  • Statistical learning of nonlinear data
  • Construction of kernels for Gaussian modelling and machine learning


  • April 26th: Our communication "Modèles de régression gaussienne pour des distributions en entrée", with F. Bachoc, J.-M. Loubes and F. Gamboa, is accepted to the 49è journées de la SFDS.
    [pdf] [slides]
  • January 31th: New submission "Gaussian Process Regression Model for Distribution Inputs", with F. Bachoc, J.-M. Loubes and F. Gamboa.
    [preprint on arXiv]

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