Jérôme MONNIER, Professor in Applied Mathematics - Computational Sciences.

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Address : INSA, 135 av. de Rangueil, 31400 Toulouse, France
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Office location

INSA Toulouse, campus scientifique de Rangueil
Department of Applied Mathematics ("GMM" in local patois). Office #128
Métro B, station "faculté de pharmacie"


Current research activities
Development of mathematical and numerical models of geophysical free-surface flows (mainly creeping, low Froude ones): glaciers flows (multi-scale, multi-regime free-surface shallow flows), rivers flows (multi-dimensional, multi-scale), lava flows etc. The considered dynamic free surface flows are remotely observed, measured "from above" (from satellites, drones etc). Then my studies focus on the inference of uncertain features (e.g. basal properties (topography-friction) or rheology) by assimilating the remote sensed data into the physical-based models (the latter may be classical or original ones).
These applied mathematics researches may be naturally connected to the use of multi-satellites (altimetry, InSAR, optical) and drones measurements-databases in Earth sciences.

Keywords: Geophysical free surface flows, PDE models, inverse modeling, numerical methods, uncertainties, variational data assimilation, hybrid inversions (physicaly-based and data-driven).

Algorithms recently obtained (with on-going improvements); corresponding computational codes are open-source, available on demand.
*) Discharge and bathymetry estimations of rivers from altimetry measurements (the HiVDI algorithm).
*) Bed topography estimations beneath glaciers, for moderatly sheared ice flows i.e. in areas where flows are moderatly fast; typically in the poorly monitored and unmonitored interior sectors of Antarctica.
*) In progress: Inference of effective (complex) fluid rheology from flow measurements.

More information on the following publications page.
Real-world examples are available on DassFlow webpage or SWOT mission pages (Nasa-Cnes) for world-wide rivers and ice flows in ice-sheets.

A few related notes on-line
* Some results on the SWOT mission JPL website (JPL-Caltech/NASA) (2019).
* On the CNES-Aviso+ website (altimetry, European space missions): "Modeling the flow" (2019) and "Testing algorithms" (2016).
* An INSA note on discharges estimations of rivers (2018).
* Breves de maths, Mathematiques de la planete Terre (CNRS-INRIA et al.): de nombreuses notes courtes a lire, dont une petite contribution personnelle traitant des "ecoulements des fleuves et rivieres : un deluge d'images" (2013).

* Institute of Mathematics of Toulouse IMT.
* Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science in Toulouse CIMI.
* Agence pour les mathematiques en interaction avec l'entreprise et la societe (Cnrs-Insmi): AMIES.
Ce site presente egalement des offres d'emploi, de thèses etc
* The local super-computer CALMIP.

* The French governement climate plan "Make our planet great again".
* Atelier de Réflexion Prospective "MATHematiqueS en INteractions pour la TERRE" Maths In Terre (a nice initiative dated of 2014).


* Department of Applied Mathematics (Master's degree) at INSA Toulouse.
(INSA: a French école d'ingénieur that is ~ a Tech University).

* Undergraduate department (BSc) "Sciences et Techniques Pour l'Ingenieur (STPI).

* Life-long training section "Formation Continue".

I give some lectures in these 3 departments. You may consult Open Online Courses (OOCs) (see menu on the left too).

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International Relations in Applied Math.
I am in charge of the International Relations of the department: exchange programs, double diploma, contacts for internships abroad.

* Interested to study in our department ? You may consult our training program in Applied Mathematics.

* More information on the International relations of INSA Toulouse on the dedicated webpage.

* Program dedicated to incoming international students: Master N+.

Responsabilities - services (2019)
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Parmi mes (autres) activités: Conseil Scientifique de l'établissement, comités de selection, comité de prospective INSA 2040, définition-évolution des programmes de formation (CTI) etc.

* Un court CV perso. (in Globenglish).

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- Some beautiful, colorful images in space hydrology (NASA-CNES, SWOT mission 2021).
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