Regularized non Local Total variation (Joint work with Zhi Li and Tieyong Zeng) Matlab codes:
Demo on Fast Transform Learning Matlab codes, scripts and results : FTL_demo
Very Large Volume (3D) Data Processing See the project page

Some Matlab codes on Basis Pursuit Denoising are available (IT, PCD and PPPA (see the report PS.GZ or PDF)). They are adapted to the SPARCO toolbox Matlab codes, scripts and results (30 Mo)
Some Megawave2 codes on image restoration with optimization methods are also available (total variation minimization, image zooming, image dequantization, Fast Basis Pursuit Denoising (for wavelet packet dictionaries),...). Beside the codes on Basis Pursuit Denoising, they are written in French and in a pedagogical way. see the teaching page
A package for the computation and manipulation of Wavelet packets has been included in the last version of Megawave 2. It contains :
  • A 2D wavelet packet transform. It is quite complete, ortho and bi-orthogonal wavelet packets are available, many possibilities for wavelet packet trees, easy and fast modification of the tree...
  • Some manipulation on this transform (thresholding, noise tracking, diagonal operators,...). They are designed for image denoising and deblurring.
You need to download and install the full Megawave 2 package to use it.
Megawave 2