Invited Speakers:

Denis BOSQ (Univ. Paris 6, Paris, France)
On tensorial products of Hilbertian Linear Processes

Jeng-Min CHIOU (Academia Sinica, Taïwan)
K-centers functional clustering of longitudinal data

Nicolae DINCULEANU (Univ. Florida, Gainesville, USA)
Vector Integration and Stochastic Integration in Banach Spaces

Karl GUSTAFSON (Univ. Colorado, Boulder, USA)
The operator Trigonometry in Statistics

Peter HALL (Australian National Univ., Melbourne, Australia)
Some problems in functional principal components analysis

Gareth JAMES (Univ. Southern California, Los Angeles, USA)
Marketing Applications of Functional Data Analysis

Dimitris POLITIS (Univ. California, San Diego, USA)
K-sample subsampling

Mohsen POURAHMADI (Univ. Northern Illinois, Dekalb, USA)
Prediction of Stationary Processes Using Banded Covariance Matrices

Jim RAMSAY (Mc Gill Univ., Montréal, Canada)
Parameter Cascading for High Dimensional Models

David STOFFER (Univ. Pittsburgh, USA)
Local Spectral Envelope