Communications - Talks and Posters:

Ana M. Aguilera (Spain), Francisco A. Ocaña (Spain), Mariano J. Valderrama (Spain)
Estimation of functional regression models for functional responses by wavelet approximation
Jaromir Antoch (Czech Rep.), Lubos Prchal (Czech Rep.), Rosaria de Rosa (Italia), Pascal Sarda (France)
Functional linear regression with functional response: application to prediction of electricity consumption
Mohamed Attouch (Algeria), Ali Laksaci (Algeria), Elias Ould-Said (France)
Asymptotic normality of robust nonparametric estimator for functional dependent data
G. Ayala (Spain), M. Gaston (Spain), T. Leon (Spain), F. Mallor (Spain)
Measuring dissimilarity between curves by means of their granulometric size distributions
Amparo Baillo (Spain), Antonio Cuevas (Spain)
Supervised classification for functional data: a theoretical remark and some numerical comparisons
Amparo Baillo (Spain), Aurea Grane (Spain)
Local linear regression for functional predictor and scalar response
Liliane Bel (France), Avner Bar-Hen (France), Rachid Cheddadi (France)
Spatio-temporal Functional regression on paleo-ecological data
Eva Boj (Spain), Pedro Delicado (Spain), Josep Fortiana (Spain)
Local Linear Functional Regression based on Weighted Distance-Based Regression
Marianna Bolla (Hungary), Katalin Friedl (Hungary), Andras Kramli (Hungary)
Singular value decomposition of large random matrices (for two-way classification of microarrays)
Denis Bosq (France)
On tensorial products of Hilbertian Linear Processes
Alain Boudou (France), Emmanuel Cabral (Senegal), Yves Romain (France)
Recent results on random and spectral measures with some applications in statistics
Hervé Cardot (France), Mohamed Chaouch (France), Camelia Goga (France), Catherine Labruère (France)
Functional Principal Components Analysis with Survey Data
Jeng-Ming Chiou (Taiwan), Pai-Ling Li (Taiwan)
Functional clustering of longitudinal data
Christophe Crambes (France), Alois Kneip (Germany), Pascal Sarda (France)
Estimation of the functional linear regression with smoothing splines
Christophe Crambes (France), Delsol Laurent (France), Laksaci Ali (Algeria)
Robust nonparametric estimation for functional data
Juan A. Cuesta-Albertos (Spain), Alicia Nieto-Reyes (Spain)
A random functional depth
Etienne Cuvelier (Belgium), Monique Noirhomme-Fraiture (Belgium)
Parametric families of probability distributions for functional data using quasi-arithmetic means with archimedean generators
Laurent Delsol (France)
Nonparametric regression on functional variable and structural tests
Manuel Escabias (Sapin), Ana M. Aguilera (Spain)
Solving multicollinearity in functional multinomial logit models for nominal and ordinal responses
Manuel Febrero (Spain), Pedro Galeano (Spain), Wenceslao Gonzalez-Manteiga (Spain)
Influence in the functional linear model with scalar response
Jean-Pierre Florens (France), Anne Vanhems (France)
Is it always optimal to impose constraints on nonparametric functional estimators? Some evidence on the smoothing parameter choice
Enzo Giacomini (Germany), Wolfgang Härdle (Germany)
Dynamic semiparametric factor models in Pricing Kernels Estimation
Ramón Giraldo (Colombia), Pedro Delicado (Spain), Jorge Mateu (Spain)
Point-wise kriging for spatial prediction of functional data
Karl Gustafson (USA)
The operator Trigonometry in Statistics
Peter Hall (Australia)
Selecting and Ordering Components in Functional-Data Linear Prediction
Peter Horváth (USA), Marie Husková (Czech Rep.), Piotr Kokoszka (USA)
Detection of a Change in the Functional Autoregressive Porcess
Gareth James (USA), Ashish Sood (USA), Gerard Tellis (USA)
Marketing Applications of Functional Data Analysis
Jan Johannes (Germany)
Nonparametric estimation in functional linear model
Elisabetta Marras (Italia), Enrico Capobianco (Italia)
Advances in Human Protein Interactome Inference
Adela Martinez-Calvo (Spain)
Presmoothing in functional linear regression
Fabrice Morlais (France), Mélanie Fafin (France), Béné Clin (France), Marc Letourneux (France), Paulette Herlin (France), Françoise Galateau-Salle (France), Guy Launoy (France)
Contribution of Functional Data Analysis for the Cytological Screening of Broncho-Pulmonary Cancer by Cellular Imaging
David Nerini (France), Pascal Monestiez (France)
A cokriging method for spatial functional data with applications in oceanology
Juhyun Park (UK)
On the effect of curve alignment and functional PCA
Dimitris Politis (USA), Joseph Romano (USA)
K-sample subsampling
James Ramsay (Canada), David Campbell (Canada), Jiguo Cao (Canada), Giles Hooker(Canada)
Parameter Cascading for high dimensional models
Maria D. Ruiz-Medina (Spain)
Wavelet thresholding methods applied to testing significance differences between autoregressive hilbetian processes
Laura Maria Sangalli (Italy), Piercesare Secchi (Italy), Simone Vantini (Italy)
Explorative functional data analysis for 3D-geometries of the Inner Carotid Artery
Han Lin Shang (Australia), Rob Hyndman (Australia)
Bagplot and outlier detection for functional data
Jose C. Simon de Miranda (Brazil)
Probability density functions of the empirical wavelet coefficients of multidimensional Poisson intensities
A. R. Soltani (Kuwait), Z. Shishebor (Iran), A. Zamani (Iran)
Inference on Periodograms of Infinite Dimensional Discrete Time Periodically Correlated Processes
David Stoffer (USA), Ori Rosen (USA)
Automatic local spectral envelope
Noelia Ventura (Spain), Irene Epifanio (Spain)
Multivariate functional data discrimination using ICA: analysis of hippocampal differences in Alzheimer's disease
Nathalie Villa (France), Fabrice Rossi (France)
Recent advances in the use of SVM for functional data classification
Wei-Biao Wu (USA), Mohsen Pourahmadi (USA)
Prediction of Stationary Processes Using Banded Covariance Matrices