IWFOS’2008: Informations about POSTERS

Contact : Yves ROMAIN
Phone : + 33(0)5 61 55 62 24

1 Instructions for Posters

  1. POSTER SIZE: Each poster will benefit of a board (width=85cm, height=100cm)
  2. POSTER FORMAT: you can use any format (A4, A3, A2,....) but we advise to present the poster on a single thick sheet (please, do not forget to respect the global size of the board!)
  3. POSTER FONTSIZE: in order to produce a readable poster, a minimum fontsize 20 has to be used (which amounts to using the latex command "\LARGE" for a latex document)
The posters will be installed at the begining of the congress once and for all. Two moments will be devoted especially to all posters (poster session I and II: see the programme)

2 List of Posters (in alphabetic order)


  1. Ana Aguilera, Francisco Ocaña, Mariano Valderrama :
    Estimation of Functional Regression Models for Functional Responses by Wavelet Approximation
  2. Jaromir Antoch, Lubos Prchal, Maria Rosaria De Rosa, Pascal Sarda :
    Functional Linear Regression with Functional Response : Application to Prediction of Electricity Consumption
  3. Mohamed Attouch, Ali Laksaci, Elias Ould-Saïd :
    Asymptotic Normality of Robust Nonparametric Estimator for Functional Dependent Data
  4. Amparo Baíllo, Aurea Grané :
    Local Linear Regression for Functional Predictor and Scalar Response
  5. Christophe Crambes, Laurent Delsol, Ali Laksaci :
    Robust Nonparametric Estimation for Functional Data
  6. Juan Cuesta-Albertos, Alicia Nieto-Reyes :
    A Random Functional Depth
  7. Pedro Delicado, Ramón Giraldo, Jorge Mateu :
    Point-wise Kriging for Spatial Prediction of Functional Data
  8. Irene Epifanio, Noelia Ventura :
    Multivariate Functional Data Discrimination Using ICA : Analysis of Hippocampal Differences in Alzheimer’s Disease
  9. Jean-Pierre Florens, Anne Vanhems :
    Is it Always Optimal to Impose Constraints on Nonparametric Functional Estimators ? Some Evidence on the Smoothing Parameter Choice
  10. José Carlos de Miranda :
    Probability Density Functions of the Empirical Wavelet Coefficients of Multidimensional Poisson Intensities
  11. Fabrice Morlais, Mélanie Fafin, Bénédicte Clin, Marc Letourneux, Paulette Herlin, Françoise Galateau-Salle, Guy Launoy :
    Contribution of Functional Data Analysis for the Cytological Screening of Broncho-pulmonary Cancer by Cellular Imaging
  12. Pascal Monestiez, David Nerini :
    A Cokriging Method for Spatial Functional Data with Applications in Oceanology
  13. Fabrice Rossi, Nathalie Villa :
    Recent Advances in the Use of SVM for Functional Data Classification