Mathematics and Social Sciences Workshop

A workshop sponsored by EHESS, ERC Readi, Imperial College London & the EPSRC

November 16 and 17, 2015 - Imperial College in London, 170 Queen’s Gate, London, UK


On Monday

8:50-9AM: Registration
9AM-9:05: Opening
9:05-9:55: Shane Johnson - From Patterns to Policy – The need to understand and model crime prevention interventions
10AM-10:50: Camille Roth - Calibration and validation of interaction models
10:50-11:15: Coffee break
11:15-12:05: Jean-Pierre Nadal - 10 years after: modelling the dynamics of the 2005 French riots
12:05-1:25: Lunch break
1:25-2:15: Mason Alexander Porter - Multilayer Networks and Applications
2:20-3:10: Bertrand Maury - Faster is Slower effect and related phenomena in crowd motions through bottlenecks: a challenge to modelling
3:10-4:15: Coffee break + Poster Session 1
4:15-5:05: Marc Barthelemy - Revisiting urban economics in light of data
5:10-6PM: Sir Alan Wilson. The mathematics of cities and regions: the state of the science and its challenges

On Tuesday

9AM-9:50: Jean-Philippe Bouchaud - Exploration-exploitation tradeoffs, optimal taxes and inequalities
9:55-10:45: Guillaume Carlier - Variational problems and PDEs arising in congested transport models
10:45-11:10: Coffee break
11:10-12AM: Filippo Santambrogio - Urban equilibria and displacement convexity
12AM-1:20: Lunch break
1:20-2:10: Andrea Bertozzi - Modeling and computation of data in the social sciences
2:15-3:05: Andreas Schadschneider - The physics of pedestrian and evacuation dynamic
3:05-4:10: Coffee break + Poster session 2
4:10-5PM: Rama Cont - Feedback effects and endogenous risk in financial markets
5:05-5:55: Alberto Tesei - A model for the nexus between economic and political changes
5:55-6PM: Closure

Poster session




Fatima Al Reda - A gradient flow interpretation of the semi-discretized Fokker-Planck equation
Marina Amado Ferreira - The damped Arrow-Hurwicz algorithm for the packing of N hard circles
Ariane Trescases - From a microscopic model to a macroscopic model with cross-diffusion in population dynamics