Mathematics and Social Sciences Workshop

A workshop sponsored by EHESS, ERC Readi, Imperial College London & the EPSRC

November 16 and 17, 2015 - Imperial College in London, 170 Queen’s Gate, London, UK

The registration to the workshop is now over.

Aims and scopes of the meeting

Although mathematics have been used in social sciences for over two centuries, there has been an incredible intensification of the scientific activity related to socio-mathematics which started about a decade ago. The field has been rapidly growing and a number of different approaches have been developed of both quantitative and qualitative nature. It seems now quite timely to gather specialists of with a view to understand what big scientific trends emerge. The conference also will strive to present to specialists and newcomers in the field active avenues of research in the coming years. Mathematical methodologies will include Partial Differential Equations both of deterministic and stochastic types, discrete Agent-Based models, networks, etc. The workshop to span aspects going from model derivation and qualitative behaviour analysis to numerical approximation and model calibration on real data. We will emphasize the strong interplay between models and their targetted social phenomena. With this aim, the workhop will attempt to provide a state-of-the-art of various interfaces between mathematics and social sciences as examplified by the (non-exhaustive) following themes:

Scientific and Organizing Committee

Henri Berestycki, Adrien Blanchet, Jose A. Carrillo, Pierre Degond & Sara Merino Aceituno.