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The main objective of CREMMA is to strengthen the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in a perspective of scientific excellence, it will decline by sub-objectives below.

• Structuring and federating scientific relations by providing a formal framework for meetings, discussions and working with researchers from Europe and Mediterranean in Mathematics and its various applications.
• Promote collaborations structured doctoral and post doctoral, promote leadership Thesis cosupervision of doctoral mediterranean.
• Promote the creation of teams of Euro-Mediterranean research, develop synergies between researchers in southern Europe on the theme of the Center for Euro-Mediterranean research in mathematics and its applications.
• Support graduate schools southern Mediterranean (in conjunction with the LMD system, in Master 2, where the system exists).
• Serve as reference to the mathematical community of the Southern Mediterranean by establishing a clear and credible assessment and progression.
• Host for stays of short, medium and long term (1 month to 1 year) mathematicians on both sides of the Mediterranean (in equal numbers for both sides).
• Provide a clearinghouse of reference (a well-stocked library in basic works covering a wide spectrum of mathematics and its applications) and a suitable working environment for all these activities (Internet access, network, computer, software, subscriptions to journals online) available to researchers in conference rooms and workrooms.
• Host PhD students for long periods (a year on average) and provide accommodation in rooms for short stays studios for the medium-term stays.
• A last but not least, is especially important for the center: it may serve as a centralized office for relations between companies and researchers in mathematics.

The following are supporting this project.

LERMA, Ecole d'ingénieurs Mohamédia, vice-présidente SM2A, université Mohamed V, Rabat,,
University Rome 2, director Volterra research center,
director of Institute of Applied Mathematics, METU (Ankara),
Professor, Bonn University, Germany.
Dominique BAKRY
Institut Mathématique de Toulouse (IMT), Paul Sabatier University,
LAMSIN (ENIT, El Manar University, Tunis),
Professor, Bielefeld University, Germany.
Professor, Wroclaw University, Poland,
Houcine CHEBLI, Professor, président de l'université virtuelle de Tunis,
Ana Bela CRUZEIRO, Professor, University of Lisbon, Portugal.
Ahmed FITOUHI, département de Mathématiques, université de Tunis El Manar,
Hans FÖLLMER, Professor, Institut für Mathematik, Humboldt-universität Berlin, Germany.
José Mariano GAGO, Minister of Science, Technologie and Higher Education, Lisbon, Portugal.
Peter IMKELLER, Institut für Mathematik, Humboldt-universität Berlin, Germany.
Elyes JOUINI, Professor, Université Paris Dauphine, France,
Paul MALLIAVIN, Professor, Académie des Sciences, Paris.
Juan MARTINEZ, Vice Président aux relations internationales, University Paul Sabatier,
Rui Vilela MENDES, Research Director, Technical University of Lisbon, member the Academy of Sciences, Portugal.
Mohamed MNIF
Mohamed MNIF LAMSIN (ENIT, université Tunis El Manar ),
- Nabil NASSIF, labo. mathématiques apppliquées, université américaine de Beyrouth, Lebanon,
- Bernt OKSENDAL, Professor, CMA université d'OSLO, et Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters.
Dir. U. R. Analyse stochastique, resp. Mastere maths and applications, université de Tunis El Manar,
Professor, IMT , University Paul Sabatier,
Marta SANZ, Professor, Barcelone University Barcelona, Spain.
Ludwig STREIT, Professor, Research Center Bielefeld-Bonn, Stochastik, Univ. Bielefeld, Germany.
Khelifa TRIMECHE, Professor, Faculty of Sciences, Tunis, président of 'Société Mathématiques', Tunisia.
Gerhard-Wilhelm WEBER
Professor, Institute of Applied Mathematics, METU (Ankara),


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