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Euro-Mediteranean Research Center for Mathematics and its Applications (EMRCMA):
First school on Math and Finance, May-June 2011,
Report, Mathematical methods for Finance
10th November 2011

1 Positive part
- Good atmosphere, collective work on exercises, active participation of students, actual work on the course and exercises between sessions.
- Constant attendance of the core consisting of: two Senegalese, the Canadian student in thesis, the colleague at the ISG, the three Mohamed Mnif's students, 9 of 16 Habib Ouerdiane's students
- Rim Amami, then Sana Mahfoudh, have been of great help for managing books purchased on Nizar Touzi's funds, daily verication of loans and returns.
- Reception of the five non-Tunisian students from the airport to the City of Sciences (mainly Rim Amami I understood).

2 Some shortcomings
- materials: only one very small white board, video problems at first, while it was budgeted to purchase a video and two whiteboards (which would remain the possession of CREMMA).
- the presence of students just received the master was not timely, their mathematical level does not allow them to follow the program.
- educational problems: few knowledge of the public's level, no knowledge of the subject PhD students; students' attention was on the basis of their thesis, they have not given information when they registered, so ignored by lecturers.
- the absence of mimeographed notes of courses was a handicap, especially because of the physical conditions a little difficult (video, small whiteboard).

3 Proposals for the future
- Print lecture notes in advance so that all students have the lecture notes DURING the course (not after),
- Buy one video projector and two whiteboards for courses,
- Put the lecture notes posted on the site.

4 First School budget

4.1 Income

2000 euros
  • UPS
2000 euros
  • IFC (4 lecturer's tickets+ local expenses for 20 days)
~ 2500 euros
  • books on Nizar Touzi's funds
1260 euros
~ 2000 euros
TOTAL ~ 10 000 euros

4.2 Outcome

  • 5 lecturers' tickets
  • 3 lecturers' and 4 students in thesis' local expenses
  • 6 students in thesis' tickets (6: Marocco, Senegal, France)
  • 20 books related to School programm
1260 Euros
  • web master
200 DT ~ 100 euros
SUB-TOTAL to check

"Cité des Sciences" Budget:

  • rent the class room: 1st day 150 DT+ 2d day 143 DT, then 18 days× 118 DT
2723 DT
  • rent videoprojector
800 DT
  • rent whiteboard
800 DT
  • lecture notes mimeographing (estimation 200 pages×40, but actually non done)
200 DT
SUB-TOTAL to correct depending on the bill ~ 5000 DT