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20th to 24th of june 2005
INSA Toulouse



 Aim and Scope

We would like to offer a large overview on self-similarity and its applications. Self-similarity is an invariance property after scaling, met in numerous topics of both applied and theoretical sciences. This property is the core of lot of current research subjects in mathematics, physics or image processing. This meeting follows Clermont-Ferrand one held in May 2002 which enjoyed enthusiastic participation from both theorists and practitioners. The aim is to allow international famous lecturers to present the state of the art on self-similarity in their fields. The attendance of foreign researchers coming from various parts of the world is expected. Synthesis conferences will learn young researchers to use technical tools. Moreover, special sessions, where recent results will be exhibited, will be organized on topics close to the main conferences. Another aim of the conference is to bring together mathematical researchers working on very different fields. The spread of knowledge toward researchers outside mathematic is another goal of the conference. Practically, each half days will correspond to different thema to stress the interdisciplinarity of the meeting. A major effort will be made to allow young researchers to attend this conference and to talk in special sessions. The scientific program will range from multifractal phenomena, the use of trees for self-similarity, Stochastic Löwner Evolution (SLE), to fractional processes and stochastic calculus. Applications are also in the scope of the conference: geometrical and multi-scale methods for image processing, statistics for processes, long range dependence. Physical applications to turbulence and to image in astrophysics will also be presented. A special issue of the Annales de la Facultés des sciences de Toulouse will publish surveys corresponding to plenary conferences.





 Scientific comity

President: M. Ledoux

 A. Benassi, A. Estrade, P. Flandrin, J. Istas, S. Jaffard, J. Levy-Véhel, M. Taqqu

 Local comitee

President: S. Cohen (Univ. P. Sabatier)

 A. Begyn (Univ. P. Sabatier), J-F. Dupuy (Univ. P. Sabatier), F. Gamboa (Univ. P. Sabatier), J. Garnier (Univ. P. Sabatier), J. Inglada (CNES), C. Lacaux (Univ. P. Sabatier), B. Laurent (INSA), O. Perrin (Univ. Toulouse I), C. Prieur (INSA), B. Truong Van (INSA).



                                                            LAST MINUTE: PRACTICAL INFORMATIONS

                                        Timetable for bus: City-centre--INSA
The bus will leave from the centre of Toulouse, precisely from the front of the Gaumont cinema, located on the Wison Place.
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                                        Some practical informations


 A. Arnéodo(ENS Lyon-France)
A. Cohen (Université Paris 6-France)
U. Frisch (Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur-France)
G. Lawler (Cornell University-États-Unis)
J.-F. Le Gall (ENS Ulm-France)
D. Nualart (Universitat de Barcelona-Spain)
S. Roques (Observatoire de Midi-Pyrénées Toulouse-France)
G. Samorodnitsky (Cornell University-USA)
M. Wschebor (Universidad de la República Montevideo-Uruguay)
Y. Xiao (Michigan State University-USA)


  Multifractal Analysis. J.M. Aubry (Université Paris 12-France)
  Stochastic Löwner Evolution. V. Beffara (ENS Lyon-France)
  Self-similarity and Natural Imaging. Y. Gousseau (ENST Paris-France)
Self-similarity and Trees. T. Duquesne (Université Paris 11-France)
  Self-similarity and Turbulence. P. Abry (ENS Lyon-France)
Self-similar Processes in Statistics. A. Antoniadis (Université J. Fourier. Grenoble-France)
Self-similarity and Numerical Analysis. K. Domelevo (Université P. Sabatier. Toulouse-France)
Self-similarity and Signal Processing. P. Goncalves (INRIA Grenoble-France)
Self-similarity and Stochastic Calculus. Ph. Carmona (Université de Nantes-France)


A special issue of the Annales de la faculté des sciences de Toulouse mathématiques will be published following the conference.



  Participants may register after 10th, June, 2005. However, we can not ensure that we will be able to provide them a bedroom in the university halls of residence, nor lunches on the conference location. Moreover, no refund will be done after this date.

 Fees include five lunches and the special issue of the Annales de Mathématiques de la Faculté de Toulouse. Fees are 100 euros before April, 2nd and 150 euros after. The conference is free for master and Ph. D students, but they both have to register and send a school certificate. University rooms are avalaible for students. Please contact conference registry for more informations.

A dinner will be organized in a restaurant of the center of Toulouse, on wednesday evening, 22nd, June. Additional fees of 30 euros are requested from participants.

To register to the conference, please complete and print the following registration form, and return it by airmail to

Amal Prouvèze
135, avenue de Rangueil

or by fax at +33(0)5 61 55 95 38.

Registration form

Provisional program

Participant list


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